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9300 Washington Blvd. Pico Rivera, CA 90660   |  +1 (626) 226 8346

Care Therapy Massage

Caring for your Body and Mind.

Pain and stress can be overwhelming. Here at Care Therapy Massage we have a team of experts ready to help manage your wellness journey through the well deserved and much needed therapeutic massage made just for you, one muscle at a time.


Welcome to Care Therapy Massage Spa

Discover the life-changing advantages of massage therapy as you schedule your session today. Renew your vitality, enrich your overall health, and set off on a blissful voyage of utter tranquility with our extraordinary massage therapy service. Your body truly deserves this luxurious treat, and we are dedicated to offering you the ideal sanctuary. At Care Therapy Massage, we understand the overwhelming nature of pain and stress. That’s why our team of skilled professionals is prepared to guide you on your wellness journey, providing the therapeutic massage that you rightfully deserve, targeting each muscle with care and precision.


Our Services


Therapeutic Massage

Interweaving Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques that are customized to your wellness needs. Whether you are on a journey to destress from a long day at work or in need of deeper pressure to relieve pain and improve range of motion we have you covered. Experience the all in one massage designed just for you!

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.

Couples Massage

Couples massage is two therapists working on two people at the same time. Only available upon request. Please call in to schedule at (626) 226-8346

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the technique(s) used by your massage therapist


Meet our amazing team.

Itzel Diaz

Hello my name is Itzel, I love to learn, take new classes and challenge myself. I believe that you can do and be anything you want if you put your mind to it. I love to spend most of my time with my kids and make memories they will always treasure. My goal when it comes to massage is to help them feel relaxed and cared for.

Rosie Valdez

Hello my name is Rosie, my favorite things to do are go skating in the sun, swimming and having a good meal. I am part of a big family of 8 so I’ve learned to be a helper more than anything. When it comes to massage my goal is to help ease pain, tension and bring relaxation to every client.

Lisa Contreras

Hello my name is Lisa. I love to go on walks with my kids, I love to host parties and I love reality TV. One of my strengths is being friendly. People often tell me I’m easy to talk to. This benefits me with massage therapy because clients feel comfortable and at ease. My goal with my massage practice is to ensure you feel cared for and taken care of.

Mari Arellano

Hello, my name is Mari. I am a massage therapist looking to provide the best of self care because as a mother of 3, I know the importance of making time for ourselves. I love nature and grounding this helps me keep a peaceful mindset. I like to implement and suggest natural remedies to my clients. I believe massage is not just a luxury, it is a necessity, we only have one body let’s take care of it as much as we do our loved ones.

What our customers say.


Average Rating: 5 (Based on 18 Reviews)

by Carly on Jul 2023

Service Received: Therapeutic Massage with Lisa C.
I love Care Therapy! I have the membership and it’s worth every $! Having them come to my home and being able to crawl into bed after is the best! Lisa and Rosie are both excellent at what they do!

by kayli on Jul 2023

Service Received: Therapeutic Massage with Lisa C.
This was such a therapeutic and amazing experience! Lisa is so intentional with every single move! I’ve had a lot of massages from different places and even different countries and almost every massage there is some point in the massage when it feels like the moves are useless and this was NOT the case at all with Lisa! Quite the opposite actually and I felt relief every single second I was on the table. There isn’t enough words to describe what a great massage therapist Lisa is but if I had to pick 3 it would be caring, professional, and expert! Please come see for yourself, trust me you won’t regret it!

by Mayela on Jul 2023

Service Received: Prenatal Massage with Yari E.
The massage was very relaxing. I realized I would really like prenatal massages more often as it was very relaxing.

by Alma on Jul 2023

Service Received: Therapeutic Massage with Lisa C.
The place is very cozy and relaxing from the moment you enter es very peaceful

by Anonymous on Jul 2023

Service Received: Therapeutic Massage with Rosie V.
Very professional and comfortable experience.

by Amanda on Jun 2023

Service Received: Therapeutic Massage with Lisa C.
Lisa is both professional and down to earth. She makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed every massage. She’s always checking in throughout the massage to make sure the applied pressure is right for me. Without question, Lisa is the best massage therapist I’ve had work on my back. And there have been lots. Thank you Care Therapy for always taking care of me.

by Nancy on Jun 2023

Service Received: Swedish Massage with Lisa C.
I highly recommend care therapy. It’s never too late to invest in your body. As one friend to another, make an appointment. Oh you can thank me later!

by Anonymous on Jun 2023

Service Received: Therapeutic Massage with Rosie V.
Great experience! The spa is neat and clean, calm ambiance, just what a person needs to relax and destress.

by Cyndy on May 2023

Service Received: Swedish Massage with Lisa C.
so grateful to have found care therapy! super attentive to our needs. they’ve made living with a chronic condition much easier to live with.

by Adam on May 2023

Service Received: Deep Tissue Massage with Rosie V.
Rosie did a great job with the deep tissue pressure. It was deep enough but not painful.👍

by Anonymous on Apr 2023

Service Received: Deep Tissue Massage with Rosie V.
great energy and flexible times and variety of them.

by Anonymous on Apr 2023

Service Received: Couples Massage with Rosie V.
Absolutely love them have been getting massages with them for years now and I will not go with anyone else they come to your house and you can also go into their studio!!! Highly recommended!!! You are missing out!!! They also have couples massage which is a wonderful way to relax with your partner ❤️ book your massage now!

by Rosa on Mar 2023

Service Received: Deep Tissue Massage with Lisa C.
My massage experience with Lisa was exceptional! I booked a 30 min deep tissue massage with an added CBD spot treatment and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I didn’t want it to end, I fell asleep, Lisa is an amazing masseuse! Hands like an angel! She knows exactly where the trouble areas are and went right to it! The environment is so welcoming and peaceful. I’ve booked my second massage and so thankful to have found Care Therapy Massage

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Care Therapy Massage
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Amy ValdezAmy Valdez
17:05 05 Oct 23
Lisa provides great massages! I highly recommend booking with her. The salon is inviting and warm which makes it all a great experience. Thank you Care Therapy
Manko StrangeManko Strange
19:50 12 Sep 23
so fortunate to have found care therapy when i did. they have gotten me through both my pregnancies both during pregnancy and postpartum. i am convinced my body is in good shape because of prenatal and postnatal massage. i never imagined massage would become an essential part of my life but i feel so blessed to have found the care therapy team who take much pride in caring for my body. 3 years and counting… thank you care therapy for taking care of my family and i. may god continue to bless you and those magical hands.
Desiree YoquetDesiree Yoquet
16:38 11 Sep 23
So incredibly relaxing. The massage therapist found tension I didn’t even know I had! They are all very skilled and know all the right points. Would definitely get another massage!
Destinee SwickDestinee Swick
20:50 09 Sep 23
I went to Yari with pain in specific areas and I left my massage feeling back to normal or maybe even better than before. Yari really pin pointed my problem areas and relieved so much tension from them. I am super pleased with how she massages and how wonderful I was treated at Care Therapy Massage.
Isaac ValdezIsaac Valdez
22:54 08 Sep 23
Vary relaxing atmosphere and helped with my shoulder pain.
Joe JoeJoe Joe
21:24 08 Sep 23
Love the experience Lisa provides for us I’m a stroke victim and she always tries her best to accommodate my limits. Even offered her specialty to my needs in regards to massage for post stroke victims. Highly recommend her company.
Rose ValdezRose Valdez
20:37 08 Sep 23
A beautiful salon where you can find an esthetician, massage therapists and more! Treated with respect and intentions of reaching your goals. Offering hot stone, cupping or aromatherapy enhancements.
Sara PolancoSara Polanco
20:34 08 Sep 23
Love them! Rosie has massaged me over the past 3 years, and it only gets better! She is very attentive to every need. Rosie was able to relieve so much tension that I didn’t even realize was there! Love, love, love! Highly recommend!
Mayra RodriguezMayra Rodriguez
18:48 08 Sep 23
Lisa is AMAZING 🙌🏻, I had a lower back injury after I got rear ended in a car accident and have been having pain off and on. One day I couldn’t get up and it was very painful to walk. After a few sessions with Lisa through massage and her technique I have became more flexible and my pain has reduced dramatically. I highly recommend her and her team🙏🏼 Which reminds me I need to book another appointment! 😊💕
Lisa ContrerasLisa Contreras
18:45 08 Sep 23
I have been receiving a massage from Rosie for 3 years. She only gets better over time. Thank you Rosie for addressing tightness in my legs. This has help relieve tention in my lower back. Thank you Care Therapy Massage

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